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Internationalising in 2021 in Europe – benefit from vouchers and SME exchange schemes!

You are invited to the online introduction to the two SME internationalisation support schemes: Boost4Health Vouchers and CE4BIG SME exchanges!

9 March | 14:00 CET | 1 Hour | Online

Learn more about the programmes and how your company can benefit from the Boost4Health voucher scheme and the ClusterXchange programme for in-depth SME exchanges. Hear exchange opportunities presented by European SMEs. Learn from success stories and get connected to potential collaboration partners.

Are you interested in starting high-quality international collaborations to accelerate your growth?

Are you an SME, cluster member in Europe? You are the one who can benefit from the support schemes!


  • 14.00 Introduction – Jessica Walker, Atlanpole Biotherapies
  • 14.05 Boost4Health voucher scheme overview – Ria Hein, Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
  • 14.15 CE4BIG ClusterXchange scheme overview – Joëlle Gahimbare, Biowin
  • 14.25 Boost4Health testimonials
    • Jesús Purroy – Àvida Biotech, Spain
  • 14.35 CE4BIG company health service provider pitches
    • Maria Lamottke, k.e.n. (Dr. oec.), Bicoll GmbH – Germany
    • Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert, EpiQMAx – Germany
    • Pierre- Alix Dancer, Kaer Labs – France
  • 14.55 Questions and Answers

Learn more about the programme and register here.

Meet CE4BIG companies:


EpiQMAx enables the discovery/development of diagnostic biomarkers in the field of epigenetics. The EpiQMAx platform is highly multiplexed. Thereby, it reduces overall costs by a factor of 5 compared to regular analytics. In particular, we offer the following unique solutions:

Image result for EpiQMax
  1. A KIT that reduces experimental time by a factor of 4 and offers a cost-efficient preparation of samples for histone PTM analysis.
  2. Unique quantitative analysis of epigenetic modifications by means of mass spectrometry.
  3. Innovative software programs with a real-time processing status as well as an intuitive and visual reporting of the results.

The EpiQMAx GmbH is an innovative start-up from Munich, a leading hot spot in the health sector with a vibrant life sciences and industry community. The company is operating since October 2018.

EpiQMAx invites interested parties from the EU to engage in an exchange (virtual or physical) focusing on epigenetics and its clinical implications. The EpiQMAx team will present the current status of the global epigenetic market as well as new developments in this area. For this, we will focus on post translational histone modification analysis in terms of biomarker discovery and drug development. Both aspects are well established in our company and we have gained experience with world leading clients and institutions.
Finally, this workshop is designed to find synergies between EpiQMAx and additional partners. Therefore, we aim to interact with other companies and collaborators to find common projects by brainstorming about different approaches. All in all, this idea has been proven to be successful for a number of collaborations that we have recently published.


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Bicoll is a company in the field of plant small molecules backed up by a strong medicinal chemistry competence. Bicoll delivers breakthrough solutions in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and agriculture.

  • Headquarters in Munich, Germany
  • Customers around the world
  • Demonstrated research partner in numerous customer publications in peer reviewed journals and joined granted patents

Bicoll-Group consists of Bicoll GmbH founded in 2000 in Munich, Germany, and its wholly owned subsidiary Bicoll Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Moreover, with two locations Bicoll guarantees significant value for clients and partners: It strengths the synergies inherent in two operating segments drug discovery from small molecules natural products and medicinal chemistry. Furthermore, Bicoll can process tons of crude material as well as handle +10 steps of multi-kilogram synthesis routes.
With Bicoll’s outstanding knowledge in high-tech natural product chemistry and validated experience in medicinal chemistry it can support a variety of clients and partners: from big pharmaceutical companies to a small research group.

Bicoll is looking for partner: with established screening test systems (inclusive animal test) who wants qualified drug candidates to start their drug discovery program, who plans to bring small molecule drugs to the market fast.

Exchange program offered by Bicoll (tentative schedule): approx. 30 working hours with the physical presence in Munich on three days.
Pre-meeting (virtual): Get to know each other, mutual interests and goals, plan the physical meeting
3-day exchange (physical): Bicoll’s small molecule drug discovery: What options are available? What budget is needed? What are the timelines? Dive into a deeper understanding of natural products as a starting point for drug discovery. The advantages of plant-derived natural products compared to other starting points in various application fields. Discussion on the open points and necessity from the partner company; potential collaboration opportunities. Detailed discussion of done case studies: the lessons learned and ideas gained. Last but not least partnering and patenting options and follow-up in the natural products drug discovery.
Post-meeting (virtual): follow-up on the next steps.

Kaer Labs

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Kaer Labs SAS was created in 2018 by seasoned engineers with great experiences of instrumentation for in vivo fluorescence imaging for preclinical research and biomedical applications. The company is committed to provide the community of medical and pharmaceutical researchers with instrumentation that combine user friendliness, high performance and great reliability. Kaer Labs is located in Nantes, France in the premises of the IMT Atlantique incubator, and has also an office in the facilities of Novapuls.

The company has 2 products:

KAER IMAGING SYSTEM : Flexible in vivo near infrared fluorescence imaging

NIR-II KAER IMAGING SYSTEM: In vivo fluorescence imaging in the NIR-II spectrum to improve sensitivity and resolution when imaging deeper in the tissues

Organisers of the event are Boost4Health consortium and CE4BIG consortium

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