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Cluster-to-business knowledge transfer – Success story #2

The second success story, based on the activities in the scope of the Cluster eXchange programme within the CE4BIG project, was connected to:

#2 – Cluster-to-business knowledge transfer

To strengthen SMEs from Partnering clusters, the Pitch Coaching Training was organised as the way to expose representatives of SMEs to the specific type of knowledge used, which used to be the cluster’s management tool, aimed at supporting startups and SMEs. To the virtual (online) event, involving representatives of the management of four health clusters from the CE4BIG project, the representatives of five StartUps from each partnering cluster was invited. The event took place online,  15-22 January 2021.

The purpose of this exchange was to learn about pitching to support their cluster members in the best possible way to pitch internationally.

This objective was fully achieved: the cluster staff received guides and support to help SMEs to pitch internationally, the cluster staff could practice pitching themselves to understand the process, and they also had many opportunities to provide feedback to the SMEs and to have their feedback reviewed by the coach.

As planned, the training provided the startups with clear, focused feedback on what works well, what needs to improve and what won’t work. They learnt and experienced the tools, techniques and knowledge to prepare Pitch Decks with their clients to be better prepared to present to VCs, partners and clients. The agenda included opportunities for coaching and networking, so the participants benefited from the European scope of the training and the expertise and feedback not only from the designated trainer but also from the participating cluster organisations and the other start-ups.

The idea to organise this type of group exchange aimed at developing the skills was well-received by participants.

Learn more about the succes stories in Reports of CE4BIG Exchanges.
Publication is available as PDF file.

The project CE4BIG – Cluster Excellence for Business Innovation and Growth in the Health Sector, federates 4 European healthcare clusters, with similar regional smart specialization strategies supporting the development of advanced therapies for personalized medicine. The consortium consists of the project leader, Atlanpole Biotherapies from France, BioM from Germany, BioWin from Belgium and Life Science Krakow from Poland.