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Strona główna » Life Science Open Space ’21 – On Innovations and Challenges in the field of Health and Quality of Life

Life Science Open Space ’21 – On Innovations and Challenges in the field of Health and Quality of Life

Life Science Open Space – The Open Innovation Forum is dedicated to people ready for cooperation and looking for partners to develop innovative ventures in various science and business fields but focused on health and quality of life.


Scientists, managers, entrepreneurs, experts in business development, doctors, investors and officials create the program and show how to cooperate. For all, LSOS becomes the platform that gathers potential partners in one place and time and enables the presentation of the collaboration opportunity offers! Do you have a business collaboration need or proposition? Then, LSOS’21 is the place to look for partners!  

# LSOS’21 MODULES to benefit from:


Eight thematic and business sessions, offering ca 100 short (10 min) presentations on projects, technologies and solutions in the context of opportunities for cooperation (active 22-25.11.2021):

  • THEMATIC:  involve expert panels, analyses, evaluations and trends, as well as 10-minute presentations of cooperation offers, projects and challenges: HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES, DIGITAL HEALTH, BIOECONOMY, HEALTHY FOOD, BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE
  • BUSINESS: involve meetings and discussions with experts and investors, accelerators and the industry, company presentations and startup pitching: CAREER IN LIFE SCIENCES, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, STARTUP SCENE
    An opportunity to virtually meet face to face with all registered participants of the # LSOS’21 (including speakers): potential partners, investors, users and employers or employees. The B2Match platform, supporting arrangement and execution of meetings, is available to registered participants for two weeks (active 22.11-03.12.2021);
    An opportunity to present an individual offering of products and services. The offer will be visible on the # LSOS’21 event platform for 12 months and can be searched and viewed by targets not participating in the conference (active till Oct’ 2022);
    An opportunity to open your meeting room and invite stakeholders to private talks and presentations (option is available on request to Partners of LifeScience Krakow).
    The ClusterXchange Program offers financial support for SMEs from the EU to visit LifeScience Krakow in conjunction with LSOS’21 and benefit from cross-sectoral and international cooperation, learning, and networking in the health sector. Visitors can meet businesses and organisations of choice from the LifeScience Krakow Cluster. For the details, go to the description of projects CE4BIG and CELIS.

The Sessions of Your interest

Monday, November 22, 12:00-14:30

Collaboration in this field includes research and development of technologies and devices to support or supplement the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation processes or the direct application of non-pharmacological therapies, including experimental therapies. Health-tech brings together different fields of science and knowledge (physics, biomedical and materials engineering, cybernetics, mechatronics, genetics, and others) to improve health. It is also the development of technologies, methods, processes and tools used in the processes of developing and producing innovative pharmaceutical preparations with different registration statuses (i.e. medicinal products and medical devices), as well as the development of new technologies, methods, processes and tools for their formulation and delivery.

Participants in this session will learn about collaboration opportunities from the most prominent health clusters in the EU. In addition, you will gain access to hundreds of companies and R&D institutions that are active in the health tech sector.

The session is carried out in cooperation with the Atlanpole Biotherapies (Lyon), BioM (Munich) and BioWIN (Wallonia) clusters – partners in the CE4BIG project (Cluster Excellence for Business, Innovation and Growth in the Health Sector).

See also:

Monday, November 22, 09:00-11:30

„The most multidisciplinary field we deal with in terms of cooperation for health and quality of life.” It is because digital transformation covers all related areas. This topic will include projects related to developing technologies, processes and tools for data collection and processing to optimise treatment and diagnostics related to the acquisition, storage, transmission and processing of medical data.

The concept of Digital Health covers a broad range of applications of computational methods for prevention, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation. It is impossible to imagine modern medicine without IT solutions, so this area offers excellent potential for challenges and opportunities for cooperation. Session co-organised by Sano Center for Computational Medicine – International Research Foundation, of which Kraków LifeScience Cluster is a partner in the H2020 grant project, Teaming for Excellence.

Learn more and register on the event platform: