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Benefit from vouchers and SME exchange schemes!

A Boost4Health voucher can be the incentive you need to find and access international opportunities. All you have to do is complete a simple online form to apply for a voucher. Boost4health offers two kinds of vouchers:

  • Connection vouchers (up to € 500,-) – This voucher is an incentive for SMEs to connect with service providers within North-West Europe. SMEs can use this voucher to cover the costs, for example to attend an online event or to visit a location.
  • Support vouchers (up to € 1.500,-) – If a service provider in the Boost4Health database matches your needs, you can apply for this voucher to explore the potential for an international collaboration. The collaboration can be about market insight, product development, research, as long as it contributes to bring your life sciences innovation to market.

Discover new markets, find a partner for cooperation with foreign countries and develop the potential of your company. Explore the knowledge and markets that North-West Europe has to offer.

Before you can apply for vouchers you need an approved SME account. Express your interest to apply for an account. Once your account has been approved you will be able to apply for a voucher.

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For more information of SME support join to the Introduction to Boost4Health and CE4BIG on 9 March, 14:00 CET.

Learn more about the programmes and how your company can benefit from the Boost4Health voucher scheme and the ClusterXchange programme for in-depth SME exchanges. Hear exchange opportunities presented by European SMEs. Learn from success stories and get connected to potential collaboration partners.

Click for more informations about the webinar.