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How CE4BIG influenced B2B relationships within the healthcare sector – Success story #1

The CE4BIG project (Cluster Excellence for Business, Innovation and Growth in the health sector), supported by the EU COSME Programme, involved four European healthcare clusters: Atlanpole Biotherapies from France, BioM from Germany, BioWin from Belgium and Klaster Life Science Krakow from Poland and have created a European partnership.

The project aimed to build up cluster management excellence and optimise cluster services for SMEs in the personalized medicine sector. Even though the CE4BIG project ran entirely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – from February 2020 to February 2022 – it has nonetheless contributed to stimulating cluster management development and innovation.

One way to exchange knowledge was to organize in each Partner’s Region, the Transnational Mission, which focused on topics of common interest for the partners and their SME members in order to foster C2C peer-learning, as well as SME business and innovation.

#1 – Transnational missions (C2C exchanges)

The following four events have been organized:

  • European funding opportunities for innovative health SMEs – working with European clusters from the project and the CELIS project, understanding this crucial topic for SMEs working in the health sector
  • BioEntrepreneurship summit 2021 | CE4BIG satellite session – Green transition in life sciences: a nice-to-have or a must-have for start-ups? Partners and their members had the opportunity to attend BioM’s annual highly successful Bioentrepreneurship Summit, to meet potential collaboration partners and learn from one another. The partners also identified the green transition in life sciences as a crucial and upcoming topic, so organised a joint session on this topic
  • Life Science Open Space 2021 – Health technologies session, partners and their members were invited to KLSK’s annual Life Science Open Space event, as an opportunity to meet potential collaboration partners and understand the health sector in Poland
  • Roadshow on bioproduction & presentation of Atlanpole Business Innovation Centre (BIC) The event took place digitally, leading to many B2B meetings between cluster members and some interesting exchanges between project partners!

The four cluster partners involved in CE4BIG Project have generated a vibrant European network within the healthcare sector, especially in the field of personalized medicine, including SMEs/start-ups, enterprises, academics (entrepreneurs-to-be) and policy and funding stakeholders. The nurturing of this ecosystem and meetings opportunities between these different actors are key to building trustful collaborations.

Learn more about the success stories in Reports of CE4BIG Exchanges
The publication is available in a PDF file.

The project CE4BIG – Cluster Excellence for Business Innovation and Growth in the Health Sector, federates 4 European healthcare clusters, with similar regional smart specialization strategies supporting the development of advanced therapies for personalized medicine. The consortium consists of the project leader, Atlanpole Biotherapies from France, BioM from Germany, BioWin from Belgium and Life Science Krakow from Poland.