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5 challenges in the field of advanced therapies – waiting for partners!

If you have knowledge, competences or technology and are able to propose an original solution to the challenge listed below, you can establish direct contacts with companies from Germany interested in cooperation.

List of challenges:

  1. Immune competent humanized mouse models to investigate the co-stimulatory power for Apogenix unique HERA-ligands as anti-cancer candidates (presented by: Apogenix, the developer of HERA-ligands – a novel class of TNFSF receptor agonists – for the treatment of various types of cancer).
  2. Ovarian Cancer: HRD Prediction and Prognosis of PARPi from H&E slides (presented by:Owkin, the French-American startup, AI-powered life science company, advancing therapeutics in several research areas such as oncology, immunology or cardiology.
  3. Next-Generation T Cell Epitope Analysis (presented by: PepPerPrint, the young and innovative biotech company from Heidelberg, the spinoff of the German Cancer Research Center, developing the new Peptide Microarray platform with unrivalled content flexibility, signal quality and peptide diversity).
  4. Open source phage library for antibody development for research purposes – reducing animal use (presented by: ProGen, operating in the in vitro diagnostic as well as in biomedical and cell biology research with antibodies, reagents and tools for use in fields such as gene therapy research, antibody phage display technology, recombinant antibody engineering, and lipase activity).
  5. Improved dead cell removal for cryopreserved human bone marrow  (challenge from Proteona)

The challenges have been defined by companies operating within the BioRN cluster, and the entire project is organized under the European medical cluster partnership HEALTH-AXIS-EUROPE.

To take up the challenge, complete the form and submit your solution proposal to Applications are accepted until May 21, 2021. Companies that offer the most interesting solutions will have a chance to establish cooperation with foreign SMEs, and at the same time the authors of challenges, during the CELISXchange WEEK event on June 28 – July 2, 2021.

CELIS is a project organized under the Health Axis Europe Initiative to support business and innovation to maximize opportunities for cross-sector and interregional cooperation and internationalization. The program aims to harness the innovation engine of European SMEs through access to emerging markets and through new partnership opportunities at the foreign level.

Financial support: taking up the Challenge and a short meeting during the CELISXchange WEEK will be the first step to establishing cooperation with a new partner. Further development of cooperation can be supported by travel vouchers (up to EUR 1,100) as part of the ClusterXchange program. The program is implemented both by CELIS and by CE4BIG – a project in which Klaster LifeScience Krakow is a partner. Contact us! We will help you with all formalities.