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How Can You Participate in the ClusterXchange scheme

You are only a few steps away from participating in the CE4BIG program. Check how Can You Participate in the ClusterXchange scheme!

Steps for participation

Eligible participants interested in taking part in the ClusterXchange scheme as visiting or host organisations should apply via the ClusterXchange IT Tool. This IT tool is used to manage all of the steps of participating in an exchange. These steps are explained below.

  1. Registration
    1. Register via the ClusterXchange IT Tool as a visiting and/or host organisation by filling in your personal and organisational information, as well as your motivation and preferences for the exchange in the online registration form and submit your CV.
    2. Select a partnership based on the sector(s) it covers and/or the geographical location of its members. Your partnership will be your guide and contact point throughout the exchange process. You can check out the profiles of all the partnerships here
    3. Your chosen partnership will receive your registration request and assess it.
  2. Matching
    1. Once your registration is accepted, you will be able to access the online catalogue of all registered participants available for an exchange. The IT Tool will first provide you with a list of registered organisations that best match your profile and preferences indicated for the exchange in your registration form. You are free to choose your preferred partner for the exchange from this list or continue to navigate the online catalogue to find your best match. In the catalogue you can search for organisations using different search criteria.
    2. When a relevant partner for the exchange is identified, you can establish contact with the organisation via the  ClusterXchange IT Tool.
  3. Exchange building
    1. Once you have reached an agreement for the exchange with your matched partner, you will have to plan your exchange. Support from your partnership contact point and your partner’s partnership contact point will be available for this.
    2. You should build your exchange plan into an agreement called “Commitment to Quality”. This should contain the dates, objectives, action plan of the stay, the expected outcomes and responsibilities and submit this to your partnership contact points. Please keep in mind that the ClusterXchange does not support internships or work placements only capacity building and, business- and innovation-oriented collaboration exchanges between clusters.
    3. After validation, the Commitment to Quality agreement is signed by both partners involved in the exchange and their partnerships and uploaded in the ClusterXchange IT Tool.
    4. Visiting organisations should also conclude a financial agreement with their partnerships for the provision of financial assistance for the exchange.
    5. Your exchange can start once these agreements are signed.
  4. Exchange finalisation
    1. Once your exchange has terminated, you will have to complete a brief closing report (final activity report) on the exchange on the IT tool.
    2. Visiting organisations will receive the financial assistance for the exchange upon completing this report and providing relevant evidence (e.g. travel invoices, boarding passes) that the exchange has taken place to their partnership contact place.

For more information, see the ClusterXchange IT Tool User Manual.
Download ClusterXchange Partnership Brochure
Download the Host and Visitor Brochure