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Pitch Coaching Intensive: Bethodology for Cluster Managers and Start-ups

We inivite you to participating in Pitch Coaching Intensive “Bethodology”. The event is dedicated for 12 participants: 8 Cluster Managers, 2 each from Bio-M, and 2 each from Clusters from France, Poland and Belgium, as well as for 4 startups, one from each of the clusters.

This intensive training will provide the Cluster Managers, with a “deep dive” to learn and experience the tools, techniques and knowledge to prepare Pitch Decks with their clients to be better prepared to present to VCs, partners and clients. It will also provide the startups with clear, focused feedback on what works well, what needs to improve and what won’t work.

The ¨Bethodology¨ covered in this Pitch Intensive, will help ensure that each Cluster Manager practices the tools and techniques that Beth Susanne has used to help raise an aggregate of over 10B euros in funding from public and private funds, (7.8 billion in public funding) for over 3000 teams over the last 8 years. Beth Susanne was the Pitch Coach for the team that raised the 2.1 Billion euros funding for EIT Health (European Institute of Technology). She has coached 250 bio-tech, medtech and digital healthtech startups across 20 companies in Europe.

The event take a place at January 18, 20 + 21, 2021. Please contact with you Cluster if you want to participate in.

A short bio of Beth Susanne and introduction information:

Global Pitch Coach Beth Susanne is from Silicon Valley, based in Spain. Her clients have raised over $10B in funding to date, and she has worked with global leaders such as Singularity University, Oxford Foundry, Barclays, BMW, Disney, and over 3,000 international tech start-ups.

Founders have raised an average of $4M each, following her 2-day pitch intensive. Her online and in-person workshops focus on how to craft and deliver a compelling pitch so that you reach your funding goals and scale quickly. 

Get funded faster. Scale globally. 

  • Clients who completed Beth’s 2-day Pitch Intensive have raised an average of €4M. 
  • Beth has coached over 3,000 tech startups to pitch to investors, clients, partners, since moving to Europe from Silicon Valley in 2012. 
  • Based in Barcelona, her clients come from 60 countries, from Medtech, Biotech, Digital, AI, cyber security, IoT, Cleantech, Agtech, Fintech, Edtech, e-commerce, and more.

Find more about Beth’s work:

Information material provided by Beth Susanne:

Beth has launched a new online platform Bethodology which explains how people can work with her:

She also created an Online Pitch Playbook to help us all be more effective online: